Have you ever wondered, is there a place where I belong? Somewhere I can be myself, meet new friends. A place that feels like home?

Have you ever asked yourself, are there people who believe in me that will help me to become who I'm supposed to be? People who will encourage me and empower me to grow?

Have you ever imagined the future and thought to yourself, "What if there's more than the life I'm living? Can I make a difference in the world? Was I really made for a purpose?"

At REAL, we believe the answer to all of the above is YES! And that's why we're here! To build a place where we can all belong, grow, and help make an impact in the world around us!


What if our city was famous for inspiring hope and championing love? What if it were known as a place where people aren’t just accepted, but where they belong? A place where relationships are valued and friendships, authentic. A place where people aren’t looking over your shoulder, but where they’ve got your back. A place where people not only celebrate your successes but encourage your growth and empower you to flourish in your purpose. Our dream is to see a thriving, united church built in strength and wisdom, pour love into the communities and people that surround them.

No matter your background, belief, age or status, REAL Church is a place where you are welcome, where you are believed in! At the core of REAL Church is a message of hope for humanity and expectation for a band of people united in cause and friendship. We love God. We love people. We love life, and we're committed to bringing the love of Christ to the world! We are looking to the future with anticipation that God can and will work through us to boldly impact the world around us!


We’re looking for the builders, the creators, the visionaries, the problem solvers, the thinkers, the lovers, the communicators, the helpers, the defenders, the adventurers, the leaders! We want to be the spark that ignites a fire in the hearts of men and women to live out the cause of Christ. Men and women who are proud to stand with and behind and under the name of Jesus! A family, who by the grace of God, journey together in brother and sisterhood, changing lives and becoming all God has created them to be, leaving a legacy for the next generation. 


The world is a big place. Multitudes are in need of truth that there is no end to God’s breathtaking beauty, grace, and love. The God who’s goodness outlasts and outshines all. The God who is calling us to dream bigger, to dream again. 


These six words are the mission of REAL— introduce people to the real Jesus. Many people are spiritually open, but they have rejected a version of Jesus that is not the real Jesus. We know that when someone has an encounter with the real Jesus, it changes their hearts forever. 




We are so grateful for the generosity of people that enable REAL Church to bring practical & spiritual help to individuals and families here in Murphysboro and beyond. If you would like to give online, please click the button below.

Our lead pastor, Noah Fritsche, has a heart to reach our city with the message of Jesus! He is passionate about building the church and seeing people like you discover and live out their highest purpose within a loving and supportive community.

He is full of hope for the future of Murphysboro, believing that our best days are right ahead of us and that each new day is one filled with opportunity and adventure!